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Servicing & Repairs

At Philip Cross Motors we carry out repairs to all makes and models of cars. When your car breaks down, we know that your number one priority is to get back on the road ASAP. Our fully trained mechanics are on hand to solve all your car trouble.


We are fully trained and qualified to carry out all mechanical repairs on your vehicle. We cover everything from the small simple problems, right up to engine refurbishments and major work. Our repair work includes;

Brakes – discs, pads etc.


Diesel Pumps




Timing belts / chains

24/7 Recovery Service call us now 087 2523511


Ensuring that your car is serviced regularly will not only add years to the life of your car, but also ensure that you can sell it on for a higher price when the time comes. Many problems arise from a poorly serviced vehicle. We carry out varying levels of servicing, from a basic right up to a full and complete service. To book in your car service, simply call us today.

Air Filters

Spark Plugs

Oil Filters

High Quality Oil Change


Modern cars have all major functions monitored by computers, which connect up to the CPU. This lets you know if there is a fault with your car, or if something needs attention, for example when the oil light comes on. This can speed up the time it takes to repair your car considerably. At Philip Cross Motors, we also provide dealer level diagnostics for Mazda, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi and all other major makes and models.


We all know it can cost money to redo the NCT, which is why you will want to pass it first time! We carry out pre-nct checks, where we test everything that the centre does. This includes things like emissions testing, focusing lights and so on. To arrange your pre-test, simply call us today.

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